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Pawrus® Dog Training Academy by Senior Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer, Kevin Yeo

MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour (Enrolled at The University of Edinburgh), BBA with Merit (NUS), CPDT-KA®, CBCC-KA®, KPA CTP, UW-AAB, Fear Free® Speaker & Certified Professional, Level One TAGteacher®, Low Stress Handling® (Certified Silver), Former Military Working Dog Trainer



Shaping Confident Dogs™: Kevin with his Golden Retriever, Sponge.

Welcome to Pawrus®. Confidence. Compassion. Creativity.

Pawrus® Dog Training Academy and Teacher Kevin are Searching for Prospective Candidates of Our Trademarked The Elite Positive Dog Trainer Program (For Aspiring Professional Dog Trainers Only).

More about the Program

“This program is not for the indecisive or uncommitted – it is intentionally created to nurture the dog training revolutionaries of the next decade.”

The Elite Positive Dog Trainer is a Trademarked Pawrus Curriculum, uniquely designed in collaboration with Pawrus Pet Grooming Academy. It is exclusively taught by Kevin Yeo, Senior Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer with Guest Instructors such as Jasline Aiw, Senior Pet Grooming Instructor & Stylist and Dr. Daphne Ang, Senior Veterinary Surgeon (Special Interest in Behavioural Medicine).

In this industry-leading professional dog training programme, you will learn our core values of compassion, confidence and by extension, the creativity necessary to excel in the dog training industry.

Our curriculum, the first-of-its-kind to be grounded in art and science, reflects the bedding for the careful seeding, selective inculcation, and critical development of these core values. Our pet care team have placed extensive thought into the crafting of the industry’s most holistic and comprehensive package of knowledge and skills. With the correct expertise, time, and effort, we have succeeded in refining them into a natural system comprising of simple and effective life lessons that nourishes and grows the next-generation dog trainer. Upon graduation from the program, you will feel empowered and ready to use the hard technical and soft inter-personal skills that you have learnt to not only challenge but blossom beautifully in the competitive dog training industry.


Certification will be awarded to students who meet the strict requirements by passing a dog behaviour and training theory and practical exam as part of the program’s graduating requirements. To maintain certification, Graduates must sign a yearly pledge to be allowed to use the accreditation “Pawrus Certified Partner (Training) (PCPT)” after their name. (e.g. John Doe, PCPT). Graduates who opt not to sign or renew on the yearly pledge can only state that they have graduated from “The Elite Positive Dog Trainer” Program by Pawrus. We draw this distinction for potential clients to identify if an individual has graduated from our prestigious program and if he / she is continuing to pledge to use the exact methods that were taught in the program without modifications.

What Will You Learn?

The Love Behind Compassionate Hearts

  • Dog Origin, History & Evolution
  • Dog Physiology, Genetics & Ethology
  • Dog Health and Diseases
  • Dog First Aid
  • Dog Body Language & Emotional Signals
  • Dog Verbal Language & Emotional Signals
  • Dog Socialisation & Behavioural Ontogeny
  • Dog Emotions, Moods & Personality
  • Low Stress Handling Concepts
  • Fear Free Concepts

The Science Behind Confident Eyes

  • Learning Theory: Associative & Non-Associative
  • Science-Based Positive & Clicker Training
  • apturing, Shaping and Targeting
  • Naming Behaviours with Cues
  • Cue Control: Basic Fluency in Precision, Latency and Speed
  • Cue Control: Intermediate Fluency in Distractions, Duration and Distance
  • Cue Control: Advanced Fluency in Concept Identification & Discrimination
  • Behaviour Chains
  • Compound & Modifier Cues
  • Training for Intelligence

The Art Behind Creative Minds

  • Human Body Language & Emotional Signals
  • Human Verbal Language & Emotional Signals
  • Human Emotions, Moods & Personality
  • Adaptive Teaching Pedagogies
  • Learner Styles & Technology-Based Teaching
  • Curriculum & Instructional Design
  • Vertical & Lateral Thinking
  • Business Setup & Marketing
  • Partnership & Growth Strategies
  • Social Media Setup & Marketing

Who Should Apply?

  • Aspiring Dog Trainers
  • Aspiring Dog Behaviour Consultants

Student Set (Equipment)

  • 3x Pawrus Dog Training Academy i-Click Clicker (Assorted Colours)
  • 1x Pawrus Dog Training Academy Treat Pouch
  • 1x Karen Pryor Academy Terry Ryan Clik Stik
  • 3x Ziwi Good Dog Rewards (Assorted Flavours)

Other Requirements

As this is a physically and mentally demanding program, our prospective students are expected to meet these medical requirements to be considered for admission into the program. We reserve the right to refuse your admission should you decide to decline or are unable to fulfil these requirements:

  • A report indicating a clean bill of health by a Licensed Medical Practitioner of the Singapore Medical Council (Dr.), 3 months or less prior to the orientation date of the program’s commencement
  • For safety reasons, females must declare that they are not and will not be in any stage of pregnancy during the program.

Program Details

  • Duration: 6 Months (Part-Time)
  • Day and Time: Asynchronous
  • No. of Lessons (Online, In-Person): 40
  • Cohort Size: 1-3
  • Program Fees: S$8000 | Equipment Fees: S$188
  • Location: Clementi Campus @ 352 Clementi Avenue 2 #01-117 Singapore 120352
  • Lead Instructor: Kevin Yeo
  • Guest Instructors: Jasline Aiw | Dr. Daphne Ang

You must have your own learner dog that would work through this program together with you for the period of the Program. You may use your own dog or borrow someone’s dog for the duration of this program. It is not recommended to specially buy a dog for this Program. The Academy does not provide dogs for Students to borrow.

Please Send In Your Application Below to Be Considered for the Program.

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