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Pawrus® Animal Behaviour Clinic by Senior Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer, Kevin Yeo

MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour (Enrolled at the University of Edinburgh), BBA with Merit (NUS), CPDT-KA®, CBCC-KA®, KPA CTP, UW-AAB, Approved Fear Free® Speaker & Fear Free Certified® Professional, Level One TAGteacher®, Low Stress Handling® (Certified Silver), Former Military Working Dog Trainer


Positive Science-Based Solutions™ : Our Certified, Science-based, Positive Behaviour Modification Principles

Positive Science-Based Solutions™: Every Animal is Unique. We Endeavour to Solve your Problems.

Behaviour is a Study of One, Not Many. It is affected by both genetics and the environment. Just like a delicate waltz through life, behaviour begins even before birth. Therefore, it is as imperative to plan for future behaviour as it is to improve existing ones. By engaging Animal Behaviour Clinic's Positive, Science-Based Animal Behaviour Services, you and your animal would learn to communicate with one another using ethological and evidence-based approaches.

• We Believe in Delivering the Latest Animal Behaviour Knowledge. By Pursuing Our Continuing Education with the World's Best Science-based, Force-Free Academics, Scientists and Trainers, We are in a Better Position to make Great Animal Behaviour Excellent.


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