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Pawrus® Pet Grooming Academy by Senior Pet Grooming Instructor & Stylist, Jasline Aiw

Multi Outstanding Groomer Awards, Multi Best Technical Awards, Low Stress Handling® (Certified Silver), Fear Free® Speaker & Certified Professional, Trainer of Artero Creative Team Singapore, BBA with Merit (NUS)



Nurturing Creative Minds™ : Jasline with her Toy Poodle, Bobo.

Welcome to Pawrus®. Confidence. Compassion. Creativity.

Pawrus® Pet Grooming Academy and Jasline are looking for their Grooming Models for their Positive Fur Model Program!

We are looking for Poodle Lamb Clips, Pet Clips, Pomeranian Round Clips at discounted or free prices!

Pawrus® Pet Grooming Academy is a Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) Appointed Grooming Establishment.

Please register your interest below if you think that your dog fits the needs of the Program.

Pawrus Pet Grooming Academy - Register Your Interest

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