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Pawrus™ Pet Grooming Studio by Certified Professional Pet Stylist & Grooming Instructor, Jasline Aiw

BBA (NUS), Outstanding Groomer Award, Multi Best Technical Awards, Low Stress Handling® (Certified Silver), Fear Free Certified® Professional, Trainer of Artero Creative Team Singapore



Beyond Pet Beauty™ : Jasline and her Toy Poodle, Bobo.

Welcome to Pawrus™, Singapore's Premier Low Stress & Fear Free Pet Grooming Studio!

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Jasline is the Chief Stylist of Pawrus™ Pet Grooming Studio, A Member of Pawrus™ Singapore's Grooming Division. Since young, Jasline has been fascinated with animals. After three years in the corporate world, Jasline decided to pursue her passion to become a Certified Professional Pet Stylist & Grooming Instructor at Art of Pets Grooming School under the Mentorship of Korean Kennel Federation (KKF) Master Trimmer, Mr. Park Sang Hun.

Since 2016, Jasline has been eagerly sharpening her grooming skills at Art of Pets Grooming School. With perseverance and determination, her perfect lamb climb is embodied in the beautiful pet clips that she has created for her many satisfied pet clients. She is the Best Technical Award (First Place) Award Winner for the 13th Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) Grooming Examinations, beating out all the other C Class examinees in 2017.

Repeating her feat once again in 2018, her almost perfect lamb clip once again proved to be hard to beat. She is the Best Technical Award (First Place) Award Winner for the 15th Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) Grooming Examinations, beating out all the other B Class examinees in 2018.

Ending 2018 in a picture-perfect fashion, she is the Outstanding Groomer Award (Overall Champion) and Best Technical Award (First Place) Award Winner for the 6th Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) Elite Grooming Competition for B Class, beating every single competitor at the show in 2018.

Partnering with Artero Since 2018, Spain's Leading Professional Hairdressing & Professional Pet Grooming Tools and Accessories Company, She is a Trainer of Artero Creative Team Singapore, Singapore's Elite Show Grooming Team.

Internationally, in Taiwan, she has been under the Mentorship of Miss Sara Choi, KCT Committee Member, Owner of Feifei Grooming School (肥肥寵物美容學校) and Nice & Outgoing FCI Kennel, competing in Taiwan, clinching a Double Technical Award at the Kennel Club of Taiwan (KCT) C Class Examinations and AGF C Class Elites Competition in 2018. In Japan, she was under the Mentorship of Japan Kennel Club (JKC) Master Trimmer and World Famous Professional Dog Handler, Mr. Akira Miyake-Sensei (先生), Principal of K-9 Pet Grooming School (ペットのグルーミングスクール) and Capricorn A&M Kennel (パプリコーンA&Mケネル) in 2019.

With an ongoing emphasis on perfecting her craft, Jasline was faced with an impending task.

How do we create the perfectly groomed pet with a holistic sense of beauty? Instantly, it struck her. Beyond Pet Beauty™!


Pawrus Pet Grooming Studio - Beyond Pet Beauty

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House-Call, Mobile Dog Grooming Sessions



House-Call, Mobile Cat Grooming Sessions



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Premium House-Call Low Stress Dog Grooming Pricelist

Pet Grooming Pricelist

      • Doorstep Beautification™ - House-Call Pet Grooming Service Fees

          House-Call Pet Grooming Service Fees: Our Certified Professional Pet Stylist will travel to your Place of Residence to Service you and your Pet. We will bring along the necessary tools required for grooming. (i.e. Grooming Table, Dryer, Brushes, Combs, etc.) We will require the following to conduct House-Call Pet Grooming Sessions:

          A Small Space (min. 1.2m x 1.2m) to Setup a Grooming Table.

          Access to a Power-point for Grooming Equipment.

          Access to a Water Outlet for Bathing.

          Your Pet's Fresh, Clean and Dry Towels.

          A Small Bowl of Bite-Sized Treats. We will use this to keep the Session for your Pet Low-Stress and Enjoyable.

        Transport Prices from S$25 per session*. TO BOOK YOUR SESSIONS, WhatsApp +65 8223 9340.

Pet Grooming Pricelist


We're Proud of Our Beautiful Pawrus™ Pet Grooming Studio Masterpieces!

  • Barbara Wright with Ace (Border Collie)

    Full Grooming Customer, Pawrus Pet Grooming Studio

    Jasline did an awesome job with the grooming. He looks like a cty sleeker border collie and is definitely more comfortable and less hot! More importantly, Ace enjoyed the three hour session due to Jasline's and Kevin's approach of stressfree, positive and non-rushed approach! Fabulous service at my home at an affordable price.

  • Junita Sutanto with Casey and Pudding (Toy Poodles)

    Full Grooming Customer, Pawrus Pet Grooming Studio

    Anticipation of Casey’s first haircut was a little stressful for us. Jasline really made it an enjoyable experience for us all. Jasline is very talented and made our pretty little girl into a beautiful princess. Thank you. We all, Casey too, look forward to your next visit <3 :)

  • Emi Loh with Belle (Miniature Poodle)

    Full Grooming Customer, Pawrus Pet Grooming Studio

    Jasline groomed my dog for the first time today and I was extremely pleased with the result. She is meticulous and experienced; taking the time to get to know my dog’s temperament before starting the session to the final touch ups after the bath. Her fee is not the cheapest but extremely worth it with the level of care and dedication she puts in. I would engage her to groom my dog from now on.


King King the Miniature Schnauzer  Fifi the Maltese  Ace the Border Collie X

Storm the Maltipoo  Fudge the Springer Spaniel  Jaffar the Short-Haired Cat

Cola the Pomeranian  Milky the Japanese Spitz  Mylo the Toy Poodle

Muffin the Maltipoo  Tiny the Toy Poodle 1  Tiny the Toy Poodle 2





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