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Pawrus®: The Story of Pet Care Simplified™


Our Pawrus® Standard of Professional Pet Care Services & Supplies

  • Pet Care Consultation

    For most pet parents, a trip to a retail store and buying your pet supplies used to be a big thing - an excursion of pure excitement for our pet and an eye-opening experience for us, their human caretakers. It is not uncommon for pet parents to ask: "which brand/product should I choose among so many options" or "what is the best kind of food for my pet?". What makes us different? Here's why. Pawrus® is the only Singapore-based company with staff who has had real pet care experience - groomed pets professionally and trained dogs for missions. and more. That's what separates us from the rest. If you need a trusted and reliable listening ear regarding your pet's care, talk to us, we're professionals.

  • Positive, Science-Based Animal Behaviour Services

    Kevin is the Senior Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer of Pawrus® Animal Behaviour Clinic, Pawrus® Pet Care Education Group's Training & Behaviour Division.

    We provide positive, compassionate, and effective training and personalized behavior modification plans. Kevin is a Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine - Knowledge Assessed® (CBCC-KA®) , with expertise in the science of behavior and principles of learning, as well as years of practical experience working with dogs.

    Educate yourself on the Science of Animal Behaviour here.

  • Force-Free, Private Dog Training Classes

    Kevin is the Senior Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer. He is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) and was a Former Military Working Dog Trainer in the SAF. He was raised in Singapore, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with Merit, from NUS Business School, National University of Singapore. Currently, he resides in Singapore with his long-time friend, partner and accomplished pet stylist, Jasline Aiw, and their two lovely golden retrievers, Sponge and Bobby (‘Spongebob’). He offers positive reinforcement training lessons to pet owners in Singapore.

    Embark on your Force-Free Dog Training Adventure here.

  • Positive Pet Grooming Sessions

    Jasline is the Senior Pet Grooming Instructor. Sponsored by Artero, she is the Trainer of Artero Creative Team Singapore, Singapore's Elite Show Grooming Team. She grew up in Singapore, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with Merit, from NUS Business School, National University of Singapore. Currently, she resides in Singapore with her long-time friend, partner and decorated animal trainer, Kevin Yeo, and their two lovely golden retrievers, Sponge and Bobby (nicknamed ‘Spongebob’). She offers professional pet grooming sessions to pets in Singapore.

    Immerse yourself in the Art of Pet Beauty here.

  • Pet-Friendly Supplies

    Living a healthy life begins from the inside. That's why we choose to focus on pet supplies that delivers without compromise. At Pawrus®, we strictly do not promote or sell any brand or product which contains either ingredients, sub-ingredients or both that are harmful to our pets, illegally obtained or gotten by unethical means. Leave the hard work and screening to us. With us as your pet supplies provider, you and your pet are assured of a long, healthy and fulfilling relationship for years to come.

    Start your Pet Care Journey here.

Don't Take Our Word For It. Here's What Our Furry Friends Are Saying

  • Belinda & Tyson the French Bulldog

    Recently, I have been experiencing itchy and flaky skin, like all Frenchies do :( . After asking for recommendations at Pawrus, I was told to apply some Absolute Plus Coconut Oil on my skin. Overnight, the itchiness was gone! Thank you Pawrus and I support Jasline and Kevin as they provide good service and are lifesavers! 加油!

  • Renee & Troy the Siberian Husky

    I had been looking for a product that could effectively clean my ears for quite some time. My owner ordered several items from Pawrus, one of them being the Ilium Oticlean Solution from Troy Labs. Kevin, the co-founder of Pawrus was really helpful in recommending me this product which has been working great so far! I really appreciate the personal touch and it is evident that these people who own the store really are genuine animal lovers as well. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Sophia & Mikii the Miniature Doberman Pinscher

    Excellent service from Jasline and Kevin. They are very much willing to share their knowledge, give helpful advice, and answer my questions patiently. I really appreciate their good service. I ordered several items, although this was only my 1st order. I will definitely continue to support them and recommend friends to their service!


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