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Top 3 Schools to Learn Positive Dog Training with Your Dog in Singapore

In Singapore, there are many schools that offer dog training for dogs and puppies.

On one end, there are the old-fashioned schools that use a “pack-leader approach”, corrections and aversives to make your dog “obey”. On the other hand, there are the schools that are based on science and positive reinforcement to build a strong, reliable bond based on trust and cooperation with your dog.

Force-Free and Positive Reinforcement (R+) are the latest buzzwords for dog trainers. People are beginning to understand that these words mean something. Modern day dog training schools are not unaware of this. Even old-fashioned schools based on punitive punishment techniques are using these words in their marketing collateral to rank highly in the perspectives of unassuming consumers.

Hence, for the average dog training consumer, it can be hard to discern which schools actually “walk the talk” and uses a force-free dog training approach based on science and positive reinforcement.

How do you tell?

Let us look at the definitions. What exactly is “Force-Free?”

According to Smart Dog University, the Force-Free Dog Training is teaching an animal without pain, intimidation, threats, force, or coercion. It’s done without corrections, without collars (including those “vibrating” collars used to “get your dog’s attention”), and without pain.

If your dog trainer is doing anything that has even the slightest hint of what is mentioned above – you need to ask questions!

Next, what is “Positive Reinforcement?”

According to Karen Pryor Clicker Training, Positive Reinforcement is adding something the animal will work for to strengthen (increase the frequency of) a behaviour. For example, giving the dog a treat for sitting in order to increase the probability that the dog will sit again.


Positive Reinforcement is one of the four quadrants of Operant Conditioning. Operant Conditioning is the process of changing an animal’s response to a certain stimulus by manipulating the consequences that immediately follow the response. The five principles of operant conditioning were developed by B.F. Skinner. Clicker training is a subset of operant conditioning, using only positive reinforcement, extinction, and, to a lesser extent, negative punishment.

Extinction is the weakening of behaviour through non-reinforcement or “ignoring” the behaviour. In extinction, nothing is added or removed from the environment. For example, a treat lies on the other side of a fence. A dog reaches his paw under, but cannot reach the treat. Because reaching for the treat doesn’t work—because it isn’t reinforced through success—the dog will eventually quit reaching for the treat.

Negative Punishment is taking away something the animal will work for to suppress (lessen the frequency of) a behaviour. For example, a dog jumps on you to get attention. By turning your back or leaving the room, you apply P- by removing the attention he wants.


Truly Force-Free Dog Trainers will always begin with Positive Reinforcement methods first in all types of dog training. Please refer to the Human Hierarchy by Dr. Susan Friedman above for more information.

If your trainer begins with punishment first – your alarm bells better start ringing.

Without further ado, Here are our Top 3 Schools to Learn Positive Dog Training with Your Dog in Singapore:

1. Pawrus Dog Training Academy


Singapore’s Premier Force-Free Dog Training Academy. Founded by Kevin, Chief Trainer, he believes in Shaping Confident Dogs™, in which every unique human-dog bond is built on mutual trust, understanding and respect. Pawrus’s trademarked training philosophy uses certified, science-based and force-free training techniques to teach and train pet parents and their beloved companions in all of their consultations and classes.

2. Puppy Colours Academy


Training your dog the positive way. It's fun and effective, both of you will love learning together. Run by Kristina Dieta Setiabudi, Puppy Colours’s training philosophy encompasses teaching dog owners to teach their dogs using methods based on behavioural science using positive signals and positive reinforcement – without using any force.

3. KasPup Unifursity


They only use reward-based, friendly and force-free techniques to teach pet owners how to train their beloved companions. Founded by Maureen, she believes in the use of positive reinforcement and force free methodology. and that pet ownership should be based on respect and understanding.

In conclusion, don’t just read what is on the website and trust your dog trainer. Go the extra mile to ensure that they are what they say they are. Your dog might not be able to choose the school that they want to go, but you can. Seek and obtain the right answers before trusting someone with your dog’s education – you and your dog will thank yourselves for it!


BBA, CPDT-KA®, KPA CTP, Level One TAGteacher®, AVS Accredited, Former Military Working Dog Trainer at Military Working Dog Unit (MWDU, SAF MP Command) author email author website
A Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant, and an AVA Accredited Dog Trainer, Kevin is one of the two co-founders of Pawrus Singapore. One day, he aspires to become one of the best dog trainers in the world. A Former Dog Trainer in the Military Working Dog Unit (MWDU), Kevin used to train working dogs for guarding, arms and narcotics detection operations. He is a Graduate of the Dog Trainer Professional Course at Karen Pyror Academy under Terry Ryan, World Famous Animal Trainer. He's a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. (KPA CTP) On his days off, he can be spotted pursuing his second hobby - photographing all kinds of animals around Sunny Singapore!
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