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Pawrus Singapore: A Lookback at 2015

Pawrus Singapore - 2015 in Review Louie - Illustration by Kevin

As of today, Pawrus Singapore has been fully operational for 9 months, since March 2015. We have come a long way, from having single-digits SKUs to having over 1,000 products listed on our webstore (and growing!) so far!

Till date, we also have to thank our customers for the 40 over reviews on our products and service!

P.S. Dear Customers, get a S$5 voucher for reviewing us on Facebook with no minimum purchase! (Why wait?!) Do it now! :D

Now, let us look back at the fantastic year that we’ve had…

March 2015:

• Launch of Pawrus – Singapore’s Pioneer Pet Health Store

Pawrus Singapore - Our very first Home Page Pawrus Singapore - - Our very first Home Page

• ProZyme by Pawrus Contest (Winner – Troy the Husky!)

Pawrus Singapore - Troy the Husky Awesome!

• Event Feature: Pet Expo 2015

Pawrus Singapore - Pet Expo 2015

April 2015:

• April Fool’s Promotion (“BIGPAWRUSJOKE”)

Pawrus Singapore - April Fool Promo

• Launch Promotion – 5% off all Supplements storewide! (“PAWRUSOPENS”)

Pawrus Singapore - PAWRUSOPENS

May 2015:

• Prizes for the Participants of ProZyme by Pawrus Contest

Pawrus Singapore - Toffee ProZyme by Pawrus Contest Pawrus Singapore - Happy Doggie from ProZyme Contest! (Anchovy)

• Exclusive Product Feature: Absolute Plus Coconut Oil

Pawrus Singapore - Absolute Plus Coconut Oil Pawrus Singapore - Tyson Coconut Oil

June 2015:

• Great Singapore Sale (Kala Health Promotion)

Pawrus Singapore - Sponge - GSS Prelude Pawrus Singapore - Kala Health GSS Bundle

• First Blog Post: Does your Pet need any Supplements? (Bone, Coat, Digestives, Vitamins)

Pawrus Singapore - Pet Vitamins Pet Vitamins - Do we really need it?


July 2015:

• SAF Day Promotion – 5% off storewide! (“SAF50”)

Pawrus Singapore - SAF Day

• 1,000 Facebook Likes! (“ONEKAY”)

Pawrus Singapore - Bobby - 1,000-Likes

August 2015:

• Exclusive Product Feature: ProZyme by Lambert Kay

Pawrus Singapore - Lambert Kay Prozyme

• SG50 Promotion – S$10 off! (“SG50”)

Pawrus Singapore - SG50

September 2015:

• FREE ProZyme with every order above S$150!

Free Prozyme Promo

October 2015:

• Featured Blog Post: Pet Communication: Fact or Myth?

Pawrus Singapore - Pet Communication

• Exclusive Product Feature: NuPro Pet Supplements

Pawrus Singapore - Nupro Silver Pawrus Singapore - Nupro Gold


November 2015:

• Halloween 2015 – #RealPetFoodPlease (Wellness Canned Food Giveaway)


• 99SME 2015 – Celebrating SME Week 2015 in Singapore! (“99SME”)


• 11.11 Promotion – Up to 15% of Rebates!

Pawrus Singapore - 11.11

December 2015:

• 12.12 Promotion – FREE SHIPPING OVER S$30!

Pawrus Singapore - 12.12

• Christmas & New Year Promotion – S$12 off! (“XMASNEWYEAR”)

Pawrus Singapore - Bobbyclaus 2015 Bobbyclaus 2015

So… What’s next?

Upcoming Events - Coming Soon in January 2016:

A New, Fresh Look: Relaunch of Pawrus – Singapore’s Pioneer Pet Health Store

• Kala Health Exclusive Promotion on Pawrus Singapore

Pawrus Singapore - Kala Health Promo

• Launch of Pawrus Web Series on the Pawrus YouTube Channel


So just Sit back, Stay tuned and Like our Facebook Page for more exciting news and events in 2016!


As the year draws to a close, we would like to thank all our customers, partners and affiliates for their trust and support for the past 9 months. Without you, there would be no Pawrus today.

Once again, to usher in the new year with even greater excellence, here’s our never-changing quality promise to our customers:

Pawrus Singapore – Simplifying your Pet’s Health Since 2014.

Lastly, have a barking/meowing great new year and we hope to serve you and your pets even better in 2016!

The Pawrus Singapore Team

New Year’s Eve

31st December 2015

BBA, CPDT-KA®, KPA CTP, Level One TAGteacher®, AVS Accredited, Former Military Working Dog Trainer at Military Working Dog Unit (MWDU, SAF MP Command) author email author website
A Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant, and an AVA Accredited Dog Trainer, Kevin is one of the two co-founders of Pawrus Singapore. One day, he aspires to become one of the best dog trainers in the world. A Former Dog Trainer in the Military Working Dog Unit (MWDU), Kevin used to train working dogs for guarding, arms and narcotics detection operations. He is a Graduate of the Dog Trainer Professional Course at Karen Pyror Academy under Terry Ryan, World Famous Animal Trainer. He's a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. (KPA CTP) On his days off, he can be spotted pursuing his second hobby - photographing all kinds of animals around Sunny Singapore!
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