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Pokemon GO - Where did they GOLD?! - October 2016

How is everyone's Poke-Hunting so far? We're well on our way to complete our Pokedex but we'll need your help on some Pokemons.. WHERE DID THEY GOLD?! Pokemon Go Where did they GOLD?! - Pawrus Singapore Help us locate these Pokemons and stand a chance to receive Solid GOLD canned food for FREE

Pokemon GO - The Great EeVee Challenge!!! - September 2016

Recently, have you felt like you are the very best... like no one ever was? We get that same feeling too! :) Ever since Pokemon GO has launched in Singapore in August, we've been wandering around the island, collecting Poke-monsters of all different shapes and sizes with our furry companions in t

Happy 51st National Day, Singapore! - 9th August 2016

Happy 51st Birthday, Singapore! We've come so far in just 51 years, and counting! This National Day, celebrate with your pets by taking S$10 off any purchases above S$120 on us! (CODE: '51PAW') From the bottom of our furry hearts, it's our Pawtastic way of saying thank you, for helping us build t

Pawrus Relaunch with Kala Health for Dogs and Cats Promotion – March/April 2016

We’re proud to announce that Pawrus Singapore is back with a brand new website, which means more pet health products, easier browsing, better experience and GREATER LOYALTY POINTS / DISCOUNTS! Read on to find out more! Embracing the eternal circle of life Kala Health for Dogs and Cats Prom

Pawrus Singapore: A Lookback at 2015

Louie - Illustration by Kevin As of today, Pawrus Singapore has been fully operational for 9 months, since March 2015. We have come a long way, from having single-digits SKUs to having over 1,000 products listed on our webstore (and growing!) so far! Till date, we also have to thank our cus

Support Pawrus Singapore on and Win!

Today, Singapore is one of Asia’s strongest countries, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of S$390 billion in 2014. (, 2014) Out of this, did you know that some 50% of our country’s GDP comes from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)? Last year, SMEs contributed a total of S$1
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