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5 Steps to Toilet Train Your Dog Using Positive Reinforcement

Toilet training is one of the most requested issues that clients have asked for training help. A well-trained puppy who knows how to eliminate at an appropriate area can be a blessing, while a puppy which seems to have accidents at multiple undesired areas can be a curse. Take a short read at the ex

Top 2 Schools to Learn Professional Dog Training in the World

Do you love dogs? Do you love teaching people? Have you always thought about making a mid-career switch to become a professional dog trainer? Every year, I receive over 50 requests on average to the question - “How to be a Professional Dog Trainer”, so hopefully this article answers most of your qu

Top 10 Things To Get For Your New Puppy

New year, new puppy? For many new pet parents, getting a new puppy is a milestone to remember. For others, it can be an exhilarating yet stressful period of time. So, now that you have just finished selecting your puppy, the easy part is done. But, how do you prepare for your new family member?

Dog Dreaming – What to Make of It

Dog Dreaming and What to make of it - Sponge Like all animals, dogs are thought to have dreams. Often, you may have seen your dog bite the air or twitching and moving uncontrollably in their sleep. Do you often see these in action when he/she enjoys his/her afternoon nap? For decades, scientis

The Magic of Dog Walking

The Magic of Dog Walking The world is becoming an increasing globalised place to live in. Today, cross-border migration of people, culture and even pets, are not an uncommon sight. More than ever, time is a much treasured resource that people are having lesser of. If you live in Singapore, you

Pet Communication: Fact or Myth?

Pawrus Singapore - Pet Communicator In our busy and hectic lifestyles, we rarely get to spend quality time with our pets. Our faithful companion waits for us for up to 10 hours a day or more, only to greet us happily upon our return from work/school. As a pet parent, sometimes we wonder, do we r
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