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Our Distinguished Paw Partners


No one made it to the top by themselves. No man is an island.

That's why we've partnered with the Top Suppliers, Veterinarians, Groomers and Trainers in the World.

We would easily trust them with our own Pets, that's why we're entrusting your Pets to them.

Quality has no room for compromise.

Singapore's Premier Pet Health Company. Simplifying your Pet's Health Since 2014.

Premium Paw Partners

  • Finexis Advisory

    Finexis Advisory provides more than just comprehensive pet insurance policies, they affirm themselves on the mantra, Impacting Lives Beyond Finance - Creating a lasting, positive influence on the lives we touch.

    Our Preferred Financial Consultant, Zef Liew, AWPCM is poised to provide you better pet insurance coverage, at a lower cost. Contact him at or at +65 9741 7551.

Grooming Partners

  • Art of Pets Grooming School

    Helmed by Principal Master Groomer Park Sang Hun, Art of Pets Grooming School is a pet grooming school that produces award-winning students year after year.

  • 肥肥寵物美容學校

    專業,跨國,多國化的專業教師 Sara Choi 崔老師 教導。 台北市流浪貓協會創辦人,現任執行長 台灣畜犬協會第九屆候補理事 國際FCI 第九犬種群 審查員 台灣畜犬協會 美容委員會委員 台灣畜犬協會 美容審查員 台灣畜犬協會 A級 教師 台灣畜犬協會 A級 指導手 台灣養貓協會 TICA 俱樂部 副秘書長 多次參加世界展,歐洲展,亞太展,其他各國犬展 多次獲得高賞歷

  • K-9 Grooming School


Training Partners

  • Karen Pryor Academy

    Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior (KPA) teaches inspired animal training through innovative programs designed for both experienced and aspiring teachers. 

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