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Pawrus® Gives Back Series - Free Pet Grooming Masterclass by Chief Creative Specialist, Jasline Aiw

BBA with Merit (NUS), Multi Outstanding Groomer Awards, Multi Best Technical Awards, Low Stress Handling® (Certified Silver), Fear Free Certified® Professional, Trainer of Artero Creative Team Singapore


Simplifying Pet Grooming: How to creatively groom pets for beauty with positive methods.

(even if you are unsure about how to deal with their fur coat and texture, feel confused with countless “grooming demos” or have questions regarding how to tame your fur clients’ precious tresses)



In this free pet grooming masterclass you will uncover…

→ Deciphering the 3 Ingredients of Creative Pet Grooming:

That forms the foundation of the pet grooming world and is hidden within the winning recipes of top pet groomers worldwide. Spoiler alert: Contrary to popular belief, picture-perfect makeovers don’t have to be complicated!

→ The Most Beautiful Groom Comes From The Heart:

This is the most important skill in every pet groomer’s repertoire. The difference between learning and mastering this skill can make or break your pet grooming career. I’m letting you in on my comprehensive strategy to awaken your own creative talents.

→ Yes, We Do. Marrying Creativity and Compassion:

I’ll cut to the chase: If you find yourself watching Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos or live-streams of professional “master groomers” all day long hoping to learn their secrets, you’re doing it wrong. In this masterclass, I’m showing you the definitive way to groom any pet to the exact details that you want, using my bespoke pet grooming strategy.



You can’t miss this if….

✓ You want to master your precious craft of pet grooming but have no idea where to start…

…And you’ve been procrastinating forever because you’re afraid you won’t improve.

✓ Imposter Syndrome, Volatility and Technicality Scare You

Love your job but finding it tough to maintain your professional image? That’s 100% okay. I’ve designed this masterclass for people like you, because you aren’t required to be a perfect groomer to beautify pets flawlessly.

✓ You’re looking to become the best version of yourself in the world of pet grooming

You’re determined. I hear you. You want a shortcut and can’t afford to waste precious time following the wrong people who might take you down the rabbit hole. In this masterclass, I’ll show you how I groom pets so that you can see your light at the end of the tunnel from the get-go.



Hello! I’m Jasline. I live to love fur through my own heart, focusing on the positive education of all organisms.

I’m the Chief Creative Specialist & Pet Grooming Instructor of Pawrus® Pet Grooming Academy & Studio, The Grooming Division of Pawrus® Pet Care Education Group - Singapore’s Leading Positive Pet Care Specialist.

Over the past five years, I have groomed over 4 different species, 6,000 animals (cats, dogs, rabbits… etc.) and counting. This have allowed me to obtain solid mastery in all things relating to pet grooming.

Join me in this info-packed 60 minute masterclass and I promise to share my exact strategies that I use to teach, groom and nurture my pets to become who they are today.

Still undecided? There's no reason to hesitate.



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