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Frequently Asked Questions

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Knowledge Base answers some of the most common questions we receive from Pet Parents like you. Please help us help you by giving feedback here and leave suggestions for improving our service here. We want to hear from you! Call us at +65 8223 9340 from 10am - 5pm on Mondays to Fridays, or email us at

General Questions

  • I Can’t Find my Answers Below! Is there Anyone I Can Call?

    If you face any difficulties, please let our Paw Protectors know and assist you through any of the methods below.


  • What are Pet Care Consultations?

    At Pawrus, we seek to educate all Pet Parents with Comprehensive Pet Care Knowledge to provide Comfort and Health to our Pets. We provide complimentary advices as far as our experience and knowledge allows.

  • How do I Request for a Pet Care Consultation?

    Pet Care Consultation Guide


    1. Share with us the background information and issues that your pets are facing by leaving a message, Whatsapp/SMS/call at +65 8223 9340 or email us at Please include the information from past reports, feedback and images, from Accredited Veterinarians and Yourself if possible.
    2. Our Paw Protectors will review the information and get back to you as soon as possible with our responses.
    3. If the discussed condition does not improve, we would advise you to proceed accordingly (either to visit an Accredited Veterinarian or other courses of actions)
    4. Please refer to the Terms of Use below before consulting our Paw Protectors for a Pet Care Consultation.
  • My Pet has Issues, but I Haven’t Purchased Anything Yet, Can you Still Help Me?

    Of course we can. We are always available to help any pet parent in need. Simply chat with us now (on the bottom right of the screen) or leave a message for us to get back to you.

  • Are Pet Care Consultations Free?

    Yes, they are absolutely free of charge to anyone who asks!

  • Can I Request for a Pet Care Consultation At My Place?

    Sorry! Our Pet Care Consultations are only limited to email, phone or text.

  • What are Product Ratings and Reviews?

    Product Ratings and Reviews tells us, and other Pet Parents, your experiences and feedback of using a particular product. This information would be useful in enabling other Pet Parents to review your opinions and evaluate if the product is suitable for their Pet before purchase.

  • It is Past Your Opening Hours. Can I Still Call You?

    We are open from 10am to 5pm on Mondays to Fridays. Our Customer Service Hotline is 24-Hours. so please feel free to drop us a call at any time. We apologise in advance if we do not respond immediately as we may be in the middle of a dog training class, pet grooming appointment, pet taxi ride or pet photography session with other customers.

    Thus, if you need urgent assistance before 10am or after 5pm on Weekdays, please drop us an additional message at +65 8223 9340. We will review your message and get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Where is Pawrus? Do you have a Retail Shop?

    We are located in Singapore. We do not have a retail shop and do not entertain walk-ins.

  • Where are your Products From?

    For the benefit of our Pet Parents, we stock exclusively from local authorised distributors, as well as reputable manufacturers and distributors from all over the world.

  • Where Can I Give my Feedback about Pawrus?

    In our bid to constantly improve to serve you better, we humbly welcome and appreciate all feedback and suggestions from you.

    To see what other Pet Parents say about us, click here!

    Then, feel free to leave a general review here, or on the product that you have purchased from us.

Account Registration

  • Do I Have to Register for an Account Before I use the Site?

    No. You do not have to register for an account before using the site. However, registered members get access to exclusive privileges such as Loyalty and Rewards Points, Subscribe and Save Discounts and more! (It's free to sign up for an account!)

  • How do I Register and Log In?

    You may register and log in to our site by using any one of the below two methods.

    1. Website Log in: Click on Login / Register, Click on Create One and enter your Email address and Password. You will receive a confirmation email from us in the email address that you have just provided. Follow the link provided in the email to confirm. You are now logged in via your Pawrus Account.
    2. Facebook Log in: Click on Login to Facebook. Accept the Terms and Conditons (We do not post anything on your wall!). You are now logged in via your Facebook Account.
  • Why do I Have to Enter My Pet's Information Upon Registration?

    At Pawrus, we treat your Pets like our own. Your Pet's information helps us to celebrate important occasions together with you, such as your Pet’s Birthday by surprising you with exclusive offers and surprises!

  • How do I Update My Email Address?

    Please follow the steps below to update your Email Address:

    1. Log in to your Account either through your Pawrus Account or via Facebook by clicking on My Account on the top right of your screen.
    2. Scan for Account Information - Contact Information and Click on Edit.
    3. Here, you can replace your exisitng email address with your new email address.
    4. Remember to Click Save to save your changes.
  • Why am I Unable to Login to my Account? (For New Customers)

    Have you entered the correct email address and password?

    Try the Forget Your Password option to reset your account details, or Contact Us for immediate help.

  • Why am I Unable to Login to my Account? (For Existing Customers of the Old Website)

    For existing customers who has already registered an account with us on the old website, we regret to inform that your account on the old website is no longer valid.

    Hence, we strongly encourage you to create a new account with us here, and get a one-time signup bonus of S$5 which you can immediately use to offset your next purchase with us.

Order Enquiries

  • How do I Place an Order?
    1. Simply navigate to the products that you want, add them to Cart, and Click on Checkout.
    2. Your order will be processed once we receive your payment confirmation. We regret to inform that any orders that are unpaid will not be processed / scheduled for delivery.
    3. Check out the Shopping Guide for more shopping tips!
  • How do I Enter a Discount Code?
    1. At Step 1 of the Checkout Page, Enter the Discount Code that you have at the bottom right of your screen.
    2. You should see the Discount Code being applied at the Summary Box right below it.
  • Do you Accept Bulk Orders?

    Yes we do. Please send in your orders to or Whatsapp/SMS +65 8223 9340. We will contact you as soon as we receive your enquiry.

  • What Qualifies as a Bulk Order?

    Bulk orders are orders over a value of S$1,000. (before any discounts, promotions or offers)

  • How do I Place a Bulk Order?

    To place a bulk order, please contact us at +65 8223 9340 or email us at We will get back to you as soon as we have reviewed your enquiry.

  • When are the Expiry Dates of your Products?

    The product expiry dates ranges from a minimum of 2 weeks to 3 years and more, depending on the product type. For the exact expiry date, email us at or drop us a Whatsapp/SMS/call at +65 8223 9340 with the specific product that you are looking for.

  • Can you Repack my Dry Food or Kibbles?

    Repacking of dry food is strongly not advised by our Distributors and the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA), as this would compromise the food quality and health of your pet. Repackaged pet food will lose the freshness during the repacking process, and the risks of contamination in an sterilized repacking environment will always be present. 

    We advise pet parents to always ensure that the food is placed in its original packing and in air-tight containers. Store the air-tight containers in dry, cool and clean conditions, and away from direct sunlight. All pet food should be consumed within 2 months after it is opened. If your pet is taking longer than 2 months to finish, consider getting the smaller-sized packages to maintain the product’s freshness during consumption.

  • I Want to Order a Product that is Not Listed on the Site.

    We are constantly on the search for quality products to improve the lives of our Pet Buddies. Please let us know the Brand and Product you are looking for and we will be glad to source them for you. We regret to inform that if the product you are looking for does not pass our ingredients checklist, we will be unable to procure the product for you.

  • Can I Cancel my Order Completely?

    Yes, you can cancel your order within 24 hours. This means that when the order is logged into our system, any cancellation within 24 hours is possible. However, a fee of 10% of your order would be imposed for administrative charges for cancellation after the 24 hours window has passed. Also, if the order has been sent out for delivery, we regret to inform that any cancellation of the order would not be possible.

  • Can I Change, Remove or Add Products After Placing the Order?

    Yes, you can change, remove or add products if your order has not gone out for delivery yet.

    The latest time that you can inform us about a change in your product selection is at 6pm of the previous working day before your order is scheduled to be sent out.

    (ie. if your order is to sent on Tuesday, 10AM - 2PM, please inform us of any changes by 6PM on Monday)

  • How Can I View my Order History?
    1. Go to Account Information.
    2. Click on Order History.

Payment Methods

  • What are the Payment Modes Available?

    Pawrus Singapore accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and Bank Transfer only. You do not need to have a Paypal account to shop with us.

  • Will My Information Be Kept Private and Secure?

    Your information is absolutely safe with us. Our site is fully secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, which guarantees that your information is securely kept within our servers. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

  • How do I make a Bank Transfer?

    Online Bank Transfer can be made to the following Bank Account of Pawrus Pte. Ltd.:

    Bank: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC, Bank Code 7339)

    Account No: 609-17847-0001 (Please key in all 12 digits)

    IMPORTANT: If you are transferring from a bank that is not OCBC (e.g. DBS, UOB, POSB etc.), please use FAST (what is FAST?) for an instantaneous funds transfer to our account. 

    After payment has been made, kindly Whatsapp/SMS/call us at +65 8223 9340, leave a message or email us at with the following details:

    Your Bank : DBS / OCBC / UOB / others

    iBanking Nick (for payment via ibanking):

    Transaction Reference No.:

    Amount Transferred:

    Date & Time:

    Your Order Status will be changed to "Processing" once your Payment is Confirmed.

  • Do you accept Cash or Cheque on Delivery?

    We regret to inform that we are unable to accept Cash or Cheque on Delivery at all. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Delivery Charges and Information

  • What are the Delivery Charges?

    For orders below S$88.00, a delivery charge of S$5/10 will apply.

    A surcharge of $3 applies to orders to the Central Business District (CBD), Changi Airport, Tuas, Jurong Island and Army Camps.

    CBD postal codes starts with 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 & 23.

    An Example: Singapore 018881

    A surcharge of S$10 will be levied on orders to Sentosa.

    The surcharges are for the purposes of ERP payment, Island Entry, Parking and Administrative Costs.

  • Do you Offer Free Delivery?

    Yes, we offer free islandwide delivery for all orders above S$88.00.

    Unfortunately, free delivery does not apply to orders which are to be sent to the following areas:

    • Central Business District (CBD)
    • Changi Airport
    • Tuas
    • Jurong Island
    • Any Army Camps in Singapore
    • Sentosa


    A surcharge of $3 will be levied on orders to the CBD, Changi Airport, Tuas, Jurong Island, Army Camps; S$10 to Sentosa for the purposes of ERP payment, Island Entry, Parking and Administrative Costs.

  • What Type of Delivery Services do you Use?

    For Local Orders within Singapore:

    1. SingPost SmartPac Courier in an Envelope (For Orders below 1KG)
    2. SingPost SmartPac Courier in a Box (For Orders below 3KG)
    3. Doorstep Courier (For Orders above 3KG)
    • SingPost's SmartPac Delivery Hours are from 9AM to 6PM, Mondays to Fridays.
    • Pawrus's Courier Delivery Hours are from 10AM to 10PM, Mondays to Fridays and 10AM to 6PM on Saturdays.


    For International Orders outside of Singapore:

    1. Singpost International Shipping (Respective charges apply according to international posting rates)

    Note: All methods of delivery are 100% trackable & insured articles by Pawrus Singapore.


  • What are the Delivery Time Slots (Preferred) Available?

    Delivery Time Slots (Preferred) are as follows:

    • SmartPac Monday to Friday (9AM to 6PM)
    • Monday to Friday Morning Courier (10AM to 2PM)
    • Monday to Friday Afternoon Courier (2PM to 6PM)
    • Monday to Friday Evening Courier (6PM to 10PM)
    • Saturday Morning Courier (10AM to 2PM)
    • Saturday Afternoon Courier (2PM to 6PM)


    We regret to inform that there would not be any courier deliveries on Sunday and Public Holidays.

    For an accurate update of which delivery slot you are assigned to, please SMS/WhatsApp/Call us with your Order No. at 8223 9340 during Mondays - Fridays (10AM - 6PM) and Saturdays (10AM - 1PM).

    In the event of bad weather/traffic/unforeseen circumstances,  we humbly seek your kind understanding and you will be updated accordingly on the estimated time of delivery as soon as we get an update from our drivers. Thank you!

  • *FREE SHIPPING ONLY*: I have chosen (Morning/Afternoon/Evening) Courier at Checkout, why did my Order come via Singpost SmartPac Courier?

    The following only applies to orders which qualifies for 'FREE SHIPPING': 

    If your order is BELOW 3KG, it will be sent via Singpost SmartPac Courier within 2-3 working days from the delivery day that you have chosen. 

    If your order is ABOVE 3KG, it will be sent via Courier on the delivery day and preferred time slot that you have chosen.

    For example, if your order is BELOW 3KG and you have chosen Evening Courier during checkout, it will be sent to you via Singpost SmartPac Courier instead, as the combined weight of the items that you've ordered is BELOW 3KG.

    In this case, the evening delivery slot that you have chosen during checkout does not apply.

    Please refer to "What If I am Not Home to Receive the Delivery?" below for more info.

  • What if I am Not Home to Receive the Delivery?
    • SingPost SmartPac Envelope or Box (For Orders below 3KG)

    For orders below 3KG (ie. Small Items such as Frontline/Revolution), your items will be sent via Singpost SmartPac Courier on the within 3 Working Days from the delivery day that you have chosen during checkout. (e.g. if you have chosen Tuesday during checkout, it may be sent on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday).

    SmartPac Domestic Products are delivered within 2 to 3 Working Days during non-festive periods (i.e. January to September) and within 3 to 4 Working Days during festive periods (i.e. October to December) from the delivery day that you have chosen during checkout.

    SingPost's Delivery Hours are from 9AM to 6PM, Monday to Friday.

    If you are not at home, the article will be deposited into your mailbox and the delivery note will be signed by the Postman.

    If the item is unable to fit your mailbox, our Postman will issue a delivery advice into the Recipient's letterbox. You (the recipient) can then collect the SmartPac at the Post Office as indicated on the advice within ten (10) working days from the date of the first delivery advice.

    For more information, do refer to SingPost's FAQ here.

    • Doorstep Courier (For Orders above 3KG)

    For orders above 3KG (ie. Dog/Cat Food or large items), your items will be sent via Courier on the delivery day and preferred time slot that you have chosen during checkout.

    Please ensure that someone is at home to receive the delivery at the preferred time slot that you have chosen.

    Pawrus's Courier Delivery Hours are from 9AM to 10PM, Mondays to Fridays and 9AM to 6PM on Saturdays.

    If you are not at home, we can choose to leave or hide the package in front of your home at your instruction, but this means that you agree to release Pawrus from all liability (including voiding any exchanges or refunds) once the order has been delivered.

    If not, our friendly Paw Protectors will contact you to arrange another delivery time slot with a redelivery free of S$10.00.


  • How Long does It Take Before I Receive my Order?

    Your order will arrive at your doorstep in 1 to 4 working days, depending on the location, quantity ordered and availability of the products.

    SmartPac: 2 to 3 Working Days during non-festive periods (i.e. January to September) and within 3 to 4 Working Days during festive periods (i.e. October to December)

    Courier: 1-3 Working Days

  • What if My Pet Urgently Needs His/Her Order Today?!

    We fully understand that your pets might need his/her supplies urgently.

    If the products that you have chosen are in stock at our warehouse, it is possible to arrange for same-day delivery within Singapore.

    The cut-off timing for submitting an urgent order for same-day delivery is before 11am on working days (Monday - Saturday)

    Do note that this is subjected to courier availability and is NOT a confirmation of your order.

    For confirmation of your order, please kindly contact our Paw Protectors to check before placing the order, through Whatsapp/SMS/call at +65 8223 9340, leave a message or email us at

  • Do you Offer Self-Collection?

    We do not offer self-collection. Please do not place an order and then inform us that you would like self-collection.

    We would suggest that you opt for delivery accordingly to the delivery method and time that you have preferred on the checkout page instead.

    Thank you!

  • What if my Chosen Products are Not Available?

    Our friendly Paw Protectors will contact you to inform you of the earliest date in which the product will come in, or if it is not available indefinitely, the most similar alternative product to the one that you have chosen, or discuss with you to prepare the next course of action for your order.

  • Are there Areas Where you Do Not Deliver to in Singapore?

    We regret to inform that we are unable to deliver to any of the offshore islands in Singapore (excluding Sentosa and Jurong Island).

    For Army Camps and other addresses requiring permits for entry, the parcel will be sent to the mailroom of the respective location or signed by the receiver of the parcel at the designated location (e.g guardroom)

  • Do you Ship Outside of Singapore?

    Yes we do. However, standard shipping charges + S$5.00 administrative fees apply.

    You may refer to SingPost International Shipping Calculator for an estimate of standard shipping charges.

    Kindly send in your orders to or Whatsapp/SMS +65 8223 9340 to receive a quote before placing your order.

Returns and Exchanges

  • My Pet Does Not Like a Product that I Have Ordered & Received. Can I Exchange it or Get a Refund?

    We regret to inform that any exchange or refund would not be possible.

  • The Product Which I Received is Defective! Can I get a Refund or Exchange it?

    For the benefit of all pet parents, we meticulously check each and every single product before it is packed for delivery.

    We regret to inform that we are unable to offer refunds of any kind after the order has been sent and received in good order.

    However, in the case of unforeseen manufacturer defects or negligence on our part, an exchange will be possible under the following circumstances: 

    Any exchange is subject to the following conditions:

    • Product is found to be with a manufacturer defect upon receipt.

    • Product must be returned in its original packaging, unused and unsoiled.

    • Any exchange must be accompanied with its original order invoice from Pawrus.

    • We will not entertain any request for exchanges due to "wrong sizes". It is the customer's responsibility to research and purchase the correct size according to the sizing guidelines mentioned on the product description.

    • Customer must inform Pawrus of any defects within 3 working days of receiving the delivery.

    • If the fault of the product stems from us, we will arrange for a courier to pick up the product and exchange a new one for you at our cost.

    • If the fault of the product is due to user’s negligence, we regret to inform that we will not be able to offer any exchange or refund.

    • Alternatively, you can bring the product to our office at 426 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 during our operating hours if your product fulfills the above requirements.

    Please note that the following items are not accepted for any forms of Refunds, Returns and Exchanges:

    • Collars, leashes and harnesses (recovery collars included)
    • Wearables
    • Beds of any types
    • Assembled cages, carriers, enclosures, gates etc.
    • Cat pee trays, litter boxes, scoops, litter
    • Cat trees and/or scratchers
    • Gift cards and e-gift certificates
    • Sale items


    Pawrus reserves all rights in the event of disputes. This list may be updated accordingly without prior notice to the customer.

Pet Care Library

Loyalty and Rewards Program

Subscribe and Save Program

Dog Training Academy

Pet Grooming Studio

  • Who Conducts the Pet Grooming Sessions?

    All Pet Grooming Sessions are Conducted by Jasline Aiw, Chief Groomer of Pawrus Pet Grooming Studio, BBA, C Class.

  • What Grooming Methods are Used to Groom my Pet?

    Our Certified Professional Pet Stylist uses Low-Stress Grooming Techniques to Groom your Pet. More information here.

  • Where are the Grooming Sessions Conducted?

    Grooming Sessions are conducted at Pawrus Pet Grooming Studio in Choa Chu Kang or at the comfort of your home.

  • Is there anything that I would need to prepare?

    For Grooming Sessions done at your home, we would need:

    • A Small Space (min. 1.2m x 1.2m) to Setup a Grooming Table
    • Access to an electrical outlet for grooming equipment (e.g. clipper, grinder, blower).
    • Access to a water outlet or shower for showering your pet.
    • Fresh, clean and dry towels for each pet. This is to maintain the highest level of hygiene and to prevent cross-contamination of diseases.
    • A small bowl of bite-sized treats. We will use this to keep the session for your pet low-stress and enjoyable.
    • Your happy and healthy pet!
  • Will you Clean-up after the Grooming Session is done?

    Usually, we will try our best to do a clean-up of all furs and debris left behind after grooming. We will also hose-down the area used, if possible. It is recommended that the customer do another round of thorough cleaning to get rid of any remaining debris.

  • How Often should I Send my Pet for Grooming?

    For most pets, the recommended interval is between 2-4 weeks.

  • Is there a Guarantee that my Pet will be Groomed Perfectly?

    There is no guarantee that your pet will be groomed perfectly.

    However, for most pets, we can guarantee that we will put in our best effort to clean and shape your pet’s fur.

    However, Pets that are difficult to handle or unwilling to accept our handling practices will take a longer time for grooming and will incur additional charges for the extra time taken.

  • What happens if you are Unable to Groom my pet?

    If we are unable to groom your pet due to aggression or other factors, we will not charge for the grooming services. However, transport and handling fees will still apply.

  • How Early should I Book my Grooming Session in advance?

    We are usually fully booked one week ahead. Thus, please do call us for an appointment as soon as it is required.

    For festive periods like Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc., we are usually booked three weeks ahead.

    In those cases, please do call us for an appointment as soon as it is required.

  • How Long will Each Grooming Session be?

    A Pet Grooming Session will take between 1-3 hours to complete, depending on the type of services rendered and the size of the dog.

  • How do I make Payment for the Grooming Sessions?

    Payment is to be made in Cash to our Pet Stylist at the start / right after each Grooming Session.

    We regret to inform that no other exceptions will be entertained.


  • What are the Transport Charges for?

    The transport charges are for the transportation of equipment to and from your home.

    Parking, Island Entry and ERP charges are also included as part of the transport charges.

  • Are there any Loyalty Packages available? I'm a Long-Term Grooming Customer.

    Yes, there are! Please contact us at +65 8223 9340 and we will be pleased to introduce you our packages!

  • Are there any Cancellation Charges for Grooming Appointments?

    We hope to seek your understanding in giving us ample notice should you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This is due to the limited timeslots in a day and the difficulties in scheduling appointments to fill up vacant slots in the last minute.

    Should you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment, the following Cancellation Charges applies:

    24 hours or more before appointment - No charge
    12 to 24 hours before appointment - $15 per pet / slot
    12 hours or less before appointment - $30 per pet / slot

    Cancellation Charges would be collected before the booking of your next appointment.

    Should you cancel more than 3 times in a single calendar year, we apologise in advance that we would no longer be able to accept your booking.

Employment and Partnership Opportunities

Miscellaneous Questions

  • Does Pawrus Sell Pets?

    No. We do not sell Pets. Getting a Pet is a lifetime commitment and not something that you should do on a whim or fancy. Please discuss with your family members about any shared responsibilities before proceeding to get a Pet. If possible, there are hundreds of pets that are available at adoption centers island-wide. Please consider adoption over purchase, as your kindness can give these pets a forever home of love and care which they so desperately need.

    Check out where you can adopt a pet here.

  • Who Runs Pawrus on a Daily Basis?

    We would like to say "...our team of managers, executives, etc." but in reality, Pawrus is a small company that is run by a few, but extremely dedicated pet care professionals.

    Check out the humans and pets who run the site here to find out more about us.

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