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The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen

How we walk our talk

Human Grade means ‘food grade’ or fit for human consumption. For us, it’s a line in the sand about the quality and integrity of the finished products we send out the door.

Human grade isn’t a marketing buzzword. We blend our healthy pet food in a human food facility that makes things like breakfast cereal and bakery mixes. So, we abide by the same strict standards for safety, cleanliness, record-keeping and overall quality as the place that whips up your favorite cookie dough.

Is all pet food human-grade?

We wish all pet food was as wholesome as ours, but that one’s still a bit of a pipe dream. At The Honest Kitchen, we’re legally allowed to label our products "human grade" by the FDA, following Title 21 of the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) section 110 Good Manufacturing Practices. Our recipes also meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) which is the legal way of saying, it’s just like the healthy whole food you eat, but formulated especially for pets.

Old-fashioned pet food like kibble and canned food is ‘feed grade’, which means it might include not-so-tasty by-products, chemicals, fillers and other ingredients that have been condemned as unfit for human consumption (like dying, diseased, disabled or deceased animals). We wouldn’t choose that for our human family, and we don’t think our animal friends deserve it either.

We’re passionate foodies who absolutely love animals too.

We're a pretty picky bunch too (our supplies say our uncompromising standards are even more demanding than most of the human food companies they work with). We only make products that we're excited to feed to our own cats and dogs, that they’re excited to eat, and that make a meaningful, positive difference in their lives. Anything less wouldn't be worth all the bother.

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