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Pawrus™ Dog Training Academy by Certified Professional Animal Trainer & Behaviour Consultant, Kevin Yeo

BBA (NUS), CPDT-KA®, CBCC-KA®, KPA CTP, UW-AAB, Low Stress Handling® (Certified Silver), Fear Free Certified® Professional, Level One TAGteacher®, AVS Accredited, Former Military Working Dog Trainer, Member of Fear Free Speakers Bureau



Shaping Confident Dogs™: Kevin and his Golden Retrievers, Sponge and Bobby.

Welcome to Pawrus™, Singapore's Premier Force-Free Dog Training Academy!

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Kevin is the Chief Trainer of Pawrus™ Dog Training Academy, A Member of Pawrus™ Singapore's Training Division. Kevin’s passion for dog training began when he enlisted in the Military in 2010 as a Military Working Dog Trainer. During his two-year stint with the army, he was a Specialty Narcotics Detection Dog Trainer. Kevin’s accolades included having trained close to a dozen working dogs for guarding & protection, arms & explosives and narcotics detection work for the military. Unfortunately, his canine narcotics detection partner, AE (pronounced affectionately as “eh-yee”) suffered from on-leash reactivity and was tense during search missions out in the field. Old-school, jerk-your-dog training did not help to rehabilitate AE.

Then, Kevin discovered Clicker Training and the Power of Positive Reinforcement (R+). With kindness and patience, he managed to help AE overcome his reactivity, and even enhanced his capabilities as a competent and respected working dog. As an unintended bonus, Kevin’s and AE’s relationship improved tremendously, too.

In 2014, Kevin co-founded Pawrus™ Singapore, a Pet Care Education Group which started by the sale of pet supplies online to pet parents in Singapore. His one-of-a-kind human-pet relationship concept, Pet Care Simplified™, represents an ironclad promise to pets and their parents. Kevin promised to deliver the highest standard of physical and mental health, which builds a satisfying relationship between furry pets and their guardians. To uphold the high standard of pets’ physical health, Pawrus™ Singapore is entirely committed to a strict quality and ethical policy. This meant that Pawrus™ Singapore only sources and sells natural and organic pet supplies that deliver without compromise.

With the physical component of the concept addressed, Kevin was faced with an impending task.

How do we create the perfect human-dog bond? Instantly, it struck him. Shaping Confident Dogs™!


Pawrus Dog Training Academy - Shaping Confident Dogs

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Pre-Training: Private, One-to-One, (In-Home) Dog Behaviour & Training Consultations


Elementary: Private, One-to-One, In-Home Dog Behaviour & Training Foundation Classes


Intermediate: Private, One-to-One, In-Home Dog Behaviour & Training Core Classes


Advanced: Private, One-to-One, In-Home Dog Behaviour & Training Enrichment & Specialty Classes



Advanced: Customised Dog Behaviour & Training Specialty Programs



We're Proud of Our Excellent Pawrus™ Dog Training Academy​ Graduates!

  • Jennifer Lim with Tammie (West Highland Terrier)

    Puppy Start Right Preschool, Fluency and Proofing Foundations, Adolescent to Adult Canine Companion Graduate, Pawrus Dog Training Academy

    Just completed Puppy Start Right Course for my 6- months old Westie, Tammie. This is really an excellent course to go through. I wanted nothing but the best training for Tammie, and Kevin has given us that. I highly appreciate his patience and his indepth knowledge and skills to provide me the most relevant skills to train Tammie as well as to create a beautiful bond between us. Thank you Kevin for your dedication and commitment you have giveri to Tammie and me. Thank you Jasline for providing an insightful knowledge on health and handling for Tammie and also your patience, dedication and commitment you have given to Tammie and me. Both of you have definitely gone above and beyond in helping me to understand Tammie and building a impeccable bond with her. Oh yes, not forgetting my Burmese kitten. Surei. He loves both of you too! I would definitely highly recommend Kevin and JasIine for any training course that they offer. Tammie and I are looking forward to the next 6 weeks!

    Kevin Yeo, Tammie and I have enjoyed your classes tremendously. They were stress free and you have made training effortlessly. With Tammie's enthusiasm in meeting you and Jasline Aiw every week showed me indications that she enjoyed not only the training but also both of your company. Thank you very much for the amazing time and your patience. We look forward to having more lessons soon.

  • Wong Sensen & Aylwin Tan with Butter (Corgi)

    Puppy Start Right Preschool, Fluency and Proofing Foundations, Adolescent to Adult Canine Companion Graduate, Pawrus Dog Training Academy

    We strongly believe that learning starts young, hence, without much hesitation, we signed our corgi, Butter, for the 6 weeks Puppy Start Right Preschool. Kevin is very patient and personal during and even after training sessions. He has helped to equip us with the necessary attitude, skills and knowledge in setting more realistic expectations, understanding and managing Butter a little better. He has shown us the possibilities we can achieve with Butter. His training with Butter encompasses his philosophy that all dogs can and are willing to learn. The use of clicker training is a non-intimidating manner in which Butter is taught. Thanks Kevin! Looking forward to the next phase of his training.

    We signed our pup for the Puppy Start Right Preschool course in Apr 2018. We've been with Pawrus since then and our pup has gone on to complete the Fluency and Proofing Foundation, and the Adolescent to Adult Canine Companion courses. What made us choose Pawrus was their premise of a force-free approach to create an obedient and well-behaved dog. Kevin and Jasline provided us with plenty of information and educated us on what we needed to do. To help take away the stress which may accompany in the care for a young pup, they would provide advice to us in small, manageable ways. What we really loved about the AACC was that we would get to complete a painting together with Butter. We would recommend Pawrus (Kevin and Jasline) to anyone who is interested in creating a happy pup/dog through a force-free method/clicker-training.

  • Stephanie Yip with Merlot (Singapore Special)

    In-Person Behaviour Consultation Graduate, Pawrus Dog Training Academy

    We just adopted a visually-impaired dog Merlot and we’re first time dog owners. We also had a little 4 year old with us. When my little one goes to pat Merlot, she turns around as if she were going to snap at Ashley so we decided to engage Kevin and Jasline for a behaviour consultation of how to handle Merlot while keeping our Daughter safe. Kevin was very patient and observant even as he was talking to me, taught us very important tips on how to approach visually impaired dog and how to correct her peeing accidents in the house. For the first time, all of us had a peaceful sleep at night coz Merlot will cry really loud at night without me around. Thank you Kevin for the thorough lesson, and also the follow up through our WhatsApp chat. I definitely recommend Kevin and Jasline to anyone who might have questions about living in harmony with their dogs. Well done, keep doing what you guys do best!


Renee and Toby, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Eileen, Jeff and Clover, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Courtney and Marlow, Basic Training

Grace, Alan and Fudge, Basic Training  Hannah and Cauli, Basic Training  Jean and Bear, Puppy Start Right Preschool

Hannah and Dion, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Gina, Jason and Toby, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Alena and Honey, Puppy Start Right Preschool

Jennifer and Tammie, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Silvia and Rollo, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Brian and Cola, Good Dog Manners+

Jennifer and Tammie, Fluency and Proofing Foundations  Ying Hsien and Mickey, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Kang Sheng and Ah Wang, Puppy Start Right Preschool

Christian and Woofy, Good Dog Manners+  Jean and Bear, Fluency and Proofing Foundations  Steve and Cody, Good Dog Manners+

Joel and Pudding, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Jennifer and Tammie, Adolescent to Adult Canine Companion  Jean and Butter, Puppy Start Right Preschool

Hong Pheng and Vicki, Good Dog Manners+  Katrina, Adam, Molly and Millie, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Hester and Toto, Puppy Start Right Preschool

Gary, Moi Ching and Vanquish, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Shanshan, Shine and Sparkle, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Gina, Jason and Toby, Fluency and Proofing Foundations

Aylwin, Jean and Butter, Fluency and Proofing Foundations  Gillian, Ian and Murphy, Puppy Start Right Preschool  Edmund and Joey, Puppy Start Right Preschool

Silyn and Hershey, Good Dog Manners+  Poh Keong and Zach, Puppy Start Right Preschool  David and Xena, Good Dog Manners+

Evelyn and Sasha, Good Dog Manners+  Aylwin, Jean and Butter, Adolescent to Adult Canine Companion  Gerard, Andre and Button, Good Dog Manners+





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