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Pawrus® Pet Grooming Studio by Senior Pet Grooming Instructor & Stylist, Jasline Aiw

Multi Outstanding Groomer Awards, Multi Best Technical Awards, Low Stress Handling® (Certified Silver), Fear Free® Speaker & Certified Professional, Trainer of Artero Creative Team Singapore, BBA with Merit (NUS)


Beyond Pet Beauty™: Our Certified, Low Stress Handling®, Fear Free®, Professional Pet Grooming Techniques


Beyond Pet Beauty™: Outer Beauty Attracts, but Inner Beauty Captivates. Using Science to Nurture the Art of Pet Beauty is a Delicate Process. Thankfully, You Have Us. Your Pet-Beautification Journey Starts Here.

Just like Designing and Building a Structurally-Beautifully and Architecturally-Impressive House, Jasline believes that the Art of Pet Beauty is not limited to the Pet's Exterior Facade, but also includes the Interior and Periphery of the Pet. Thus, Jasline ensures that every single pet which is groomed by her attains both inner and outer beauty. By making an appointment for her Certified Low Stress Handling® and Professional Pet Grooming Sessions, you and your pet would experience her redefinition of beauty at a whole new level.

Designing the Exteriors is the First Step in the Low Stress Grooming Process. The Pet's Exteriors refers to the Skin, Ears, Eyes, Teeth and the Coat of the Pet. In the Eyes of many Pet Parents, a Well-Groomed Pet is one that has a healthy skin, clean ears, bright eyes, sparkling white teeth and a well-shaped hairdo. To us, that is not the Complete Vision of a Beautiful Pet.

Painting the Interiors Empowers a Pet with Life and Character. The Interiors refers to the Heart, Mind, Organs and Limbs of the Pet. A Confident Pet is one that is Well-Conditioned to Positive Grooming Experiences, anticipates and builds a close bond with his/her stylist and always functions at the highest physical and mental level.

Crafting the Periphery is the Last Step in the Low Stress Grooming Process. The Periphery refers to the Real-life Connections and Emotions of the Pet. Is the Pet taught to withstand Stress in the Grooming Studio? Is the Pet Comfortable and Calm in unforeseen circumstances? Can the Pet inevitably help to alleviate other Pet's stress levels to a minimum during stressful grooming situations?

• We Only Use Certified, Low Stress, Grooming Techniques to Groom your Beloved Animal Companions in All of Our Sessions.

• We Believe in Delivering the Latest Pet Grooming Knowledge. By Pursuing Our Continuing Education with the World's Best Low Stress Academics, Scientists and Stylists, We are in a Better Position to make Great Pet Grooming Excellent.

"Knowledge is Power (Sir Francis Bacon)." Here's some Useful Grooming Links and Recommended Grooming Reading.

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Why Choose Pawrus's Pet Grooming Services with our Instructor? What is Low Stress Handling® and Fear Free®?

In Singapore, Pet Grooming is an unregulated industry. This means that anyone can call themselves a pet groomer, stylist, trimmer, cosmetologist, beautician, artist, etc., even if they use methods that inflicts physical damage and emotional trauma to the human-animal bond. This is why carefully choosing a pet stylist is so important.

So, what exactly sets us apart from everyone else?

Pawrus Pet Grooming Studio - Certified & Fear-Free  Pawrus Dog Training Academy - Low Stress & Positive

Pawrus Pet Grooming Studio - Professional & Personalised  Pawrus Pet Grooming Studio - Full Disclosure

Furthermore, we have standards.

We believe that all pet parents deserve excellent stylists. When you start your search by looking for our certifications (SKC, KCT, JKC), you know you’ll be working with a pet grooming professional whose knowledge and skills are grounded in the science and art of pet grooming—and who has a demonstrated commitment to excellence and ethical conduct.

Selecting a SKC, KCT and JKC Certificant means that your stylist:

  • Is proven in skills and knowledge of professional pet grooming.
  • Is driven and possesses the determination to successfully complete a rigorous examination process conducted by an independent certifying body governed by professional testing standards.
  • Is thoroughly committed to continuing education and professional development.
  • Is absolutely committed to enhancing the pet grooming profession.

We believe that all pets deserve great groomers. Every Low Stress Handling® Certified Pet Care Professional is a graduate of our Low Stress Handling® Program and has demonstrated excellent technical knowledge and hands-on skills in low stress handling. A Low Stress Handling® Certified Pet Care Professional is a groomer you and your pets can count on.

Selecting a Low Stress Handling® Groomer from our Find a Low Stress Handling® Certified Facility or Pet-care Professional Search means that your groomer:

  • Recognize the overt and subtle signs of fear and anxiety in dogs and cats and identify the common mistakes people make when approaching and greeting pets that make the animals more fearful or aggressive. Approaches and handles pets in a relaxed, non-threatening manner.
  • Understands how the sights, sounds, smells, and surfaces in your practice may be increasing the stress in our patients. Conceptualises ways to create a calmer, safer, and more secure environment.
  • Is proficient in 5 methods for controlling the rear and 7 for controlling the front end of dogs. Skillfully determines which directions of movement (forward, back, right, left, up, and down) each hold controls. Evaluates which restraint hold is best for a given dog and procedure.
  • Understand how every interaction – how you approach, pick animals up, move them from place to place, or restrain them – affects the animal’s perception of you and their willingness to cooperate. Adeptly positions their body and adjusts their movement to provide the direction and guidance the animal needs.


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