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Pawrus® Animal Behaviour Clinic by Senior Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer, Kevin Yeo

MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour (Enrolled at The University of Edinburgh), BBA with Merit (NUS), CPDT-KA®, CBCC-KA®, KPA CTP, UW-AAB, Fear Free® Speaker & Certified Professional, Level One TAGteacher®, Low Stress Handling® (Certified Silver), Former Military Working Dog Trainer



Positive Science-Based Solutions™: Kevin with his Golden Retrievers, Sponge and Bobby.

Welcome to Pawrus®. Confidence. Compassion. Creativity.

Kevin is the Senior Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Trainer of Pawrus® Animal Behaviour Clinic, Pawrus® Training & Behaviour Division.

We provide positive, compassionate, and effective training and personalized behavior modification plans for all animals. Kevin is a Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine - Knowledge Assessed® (CBCC-KA®) , with expertise in the science of behavior and principles of learning, as well as a decade and counting of theoretical and practical experience working with dogs.

Our services are provided on a veterinary referral basis only. Therefore, please obtain a referral from your veterinarian or contact us for our veterinarian's contact if you are interested in our services.

To request for service, please select the appropriate links below. We will attempt to reply within 3 working days. We are looking forward to working with you and your pet.​

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What to look for when choosing a behaviorist or trainer for your pet?

Pawrus Animal Behaviour Clinic - Positive Science-Based Solutions

Currently in Singapore, anyone can call themselves a pet trainer or behaviorist without having to meet any licensing or experience requirements, but some training techniques can be harmful to your pet or worsen the behavior problems. For recommendations about choosing a trainer or behaviorist published by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, click here.

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