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Pawrus®: The Story of Singapore's Leading Positive Pet Care Specialist

Confidence. Compassion. Creativity.


The Pawrus® Vision is to Lead and Drive the Positive Pet Care Revolution.

The Pawrus® Mission is to teach and assist pet parents and animal professionals to elevate their relationships with their pets using positive emotions. Harmonised from the latest developments in art and science, we’ll guide our human and pet partners using our trademarked solutions, every step of their unique pet care journey.

The Pawrus® Brand drew its early inspiration from the Walrus Animal, a large marine mammal with three splits between its flippers. Most importantly, we admired the Walrus for its unwavering confidence in migration patterns, limitless compassion in the fortification of its strength and unparalleled creativity for thriving in all situations.

Consequentially, we integrated "PAW", our expressive and written commitment to serve all animals, with "WALRUS", to pay homage to these essential values.

Finally, a new two syllable word, pronounced as "Paw-rus", Pawrus® was born.

Headquarted in Singapore Since 2014.

Confidence. Compassion. Creativity.

Pawrus® Pet Care Education Group - Pet Care Simplified

Singapore's Leading Multi-Specialist Positive Pet Care Team

  • Kevin

    Chief Confidence Specialist

    Applied Animal Behaviourist

    Former Military Working Dog Trainer. Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP)

  • Jasline

    Chief Creative Specialist

    Pet Grooming Instructor

    Trainer, Artero Creative Team Singapore. Best Technical Award (C, B Class). Certified Pet Stylist at Art of Pets Grooming School.

  • Sponge

    Chief Model

    Certified Canine Graduate - Karen Pryor Academy

    Loves to Swim and Munch on His Favourite Spare Ribs

  • Bobby

    Chief Athlete

    Pawrus Dog Training Academy Graduate

    Loves to Run and Chase after Anything That is Round

  • Iris

    Chief Show Model

    Certified Canine Masterpiece - Pawrus Pet Grooming Studio

    Loves to Play, Climb and Look Pretty in Conformation Shows

Pawrus Singapore - Pet Care Simplified

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